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‘Surround yourself with good people’

...and other pearls of wisdom from the Health & Beauty team’s mums this Mother’s Day


‘When I was younger, my mum always said that health and happiness are all that matters. So now my mantra is: be kind to yourself, surround yourself with good people and accept the body you were given.’

Georgie Eley, Business Director


‘Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion is my mum’s (and nan’s) answer to dry skin issues. Which explains why it’s now a firm staple in my bathroom cabinet.’

Ffion Griffiths, Picture Editor


‘Mum is a firm believer that lipstick can lift your spirits, not just your face! If I’m feeling a bit rubbish, I take her advice to “just put a bit of lippy on”. And she’s right: a slick of red adds healthy colour to my skin, helps lift my mood and gives me the confidence to face the day.’
Danielle Hine, Features Director


‘As well as teaching me how to cook the best chilli, Mum is a mine of beauty tips. I was forever getting make-up all over my bedding at night until she showed me how to take it off properly. She taught me a trick for washing whites to remove any stray traces, too: a cold-water soak overnight, then a vigorous rub with vinegar and baking soda.’

Rachael Cowell, Account Manager



‘I’m fanatical about skincare, because my mum stressed the importance of moisturising and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated when I was growing up. She also told me to make sure I moisturise my neck during my skincare routine, as most people neglect it – it’s something I’ve never forgotten.’

Arijana Zeric, Designer


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