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Daddy cool

To celebrate Father’s Day on 16 June, our favourite influencer dads tell us what they love about parenthood


Protective instinct

Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson, model, fitness influencer, former Made In Chelsea star and dad to India, 1
‘I’ll never forget the first time I felt like India truly understood that I was her daddy. She was about 10 months old, and some people came over to talk to us. Suddenly, she became really shy, burying her head in my neck and grabbing my arm firmly for protection. It made me realise that I’ll always make her feel safe.’



Massive ego boost

Matt Farquharson, co-author of Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life and dad to Mae, 5, and Eve, 1
‘Sure, you’re in the service of a tiny tyrant and your needs are not a priority but, despite that, children are remarkable for the ego. Who else would spontaneously cuddle your shin and say, “I love you”? And who else can you still amuse by making fake fart noises?’



Unconditional love

Gary Andrews, illustrator and dad to Lily, 11, and Ben, 8

‘Since my wife died from sepsis a year ago, there have been many heart-warming moments. The one that stays with me is when we visited the tree where some of her ashes are buried and I started to cry. Ben, then Lily, came over and cuddled me, and we sat there until I stopped. Then they asked for ice cream! The best thing about being a dad is simply the unconditional love – given and received.’



Calming influence

Tom Briggs, award-winning blogger and dad to Dylan, 8, Xander, 7, and Amelie, 3

When my eldest was born, he emerged with the cord around his neck and I completely put my feelings on hold until I knew that both he and my wife were OK. So I’m a lot calmer in stressful situations now! After almost nine years, I’m surprised at my own capacity to change as a person, thanks to my kids.’


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Words Rosie Benson  


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