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Sunglasses with the YES factor!

From not knowing what suits their face shape to being stuck in a style rut, our team find the solutions to their eye-wear angst this summer


‘Cat-eye frames are my usual go-to, because they’re the only style that I feel doesn’t make my face look rounder. The Mulberry 125319, £190 (non-prescription)*, £270 (prescription)*, are keepers, however – they’re so glam and make me feel super-confident.’

Kelly During, Advertising Manager, Health & Beauty/Parenting Club


‘My face is quite small, so most sunglasses swamp me. I’d love  to find some that work with my features. The Oasis 125048,  £50 (non-prescription)*, £130 (prescription)*, are the first  style in years that don’t make  me look like I’m a little girl  trying on my mum’s shades!’

Julia Martin, Associate Editor, Health & Beauty/Parenting Club


‘I usually choose a pair with metal arms, but they tend to get bent out of shape. I don’t think I’ll have that problem with the Ted Baker 125102, £110 (non prescription)*, £190 (prescription)*, though. I like the style and the tortoiseshell colour, and they look strong enough to last years.’

Freddie Faulkner, Advertising Account Manager, Health & Beauty



‘Instead of buying loads of cheap frames, this summer I want a pair that will last. These classic, but seriously stylish Prada 125073,
£250 (non-prescription)*, £330 (prescription)*, are an investment worth making, and I can see myself wearing them for years to come.’

Rachael Cowell, Account Manager, Health & Beauty



I’m into on-trend, statement sunnies, but I gravitate towards ones that are too big, which make me look like I’m in a remake of The Fly. But the Mulberry 125323, £190 (non-prescription)*, £270 (prescription)*, are cool. I never usually wear round styles or caramel-coloured frames, but I love these. And they haven’t swallowed my face!’

Danielle Hine, Features Director, Health & Beauty/Parenting Club



‘I’m drawn to classic, black shades, but I worry they make me look washed out. This sunny season,  I want to lighten things up. I love how the subtle tortoiseshell frames on the Longchamp 124015, £110 (non-prescription)*, £190 (prescription)*, lift my complexion.’

Charlotte Price, Chief Sub Editor, Parenting Club


Don’t forget that when you buy any complete pair of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, you‘ll get every additional pair for half price. The cheapest pair is half price; all pairs must be bought for the same customer within 3 months of collecting the first pair. Sunglasses shown can be ordered into any Boots Opticians on request, subject to availability. The prescription price includes frames and single-vision lenses. Book an eye test online at

*In selected Boots Opticians stores; not available online.

Compiled by Danielle Hine Photography Matthew Manfredi Hair and make-up Lindsey Poole


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