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Feel the love

Forget an overpriced Valentine’s dinner with your other half or drinks with the girls (again) for Galentine’s Day – do something a little different this February

Ditch the flowers for...


…making a terrarium together! These tiny gardens are a quirky twist on the traditional bunch of roses, last for ages and – bonus – help combat indoor air pollution, too. Perfect to do with your partner or pals. Check out for classes around the UK.

Get it Om


Sign up to a yoga sesh with your other half, as trying a new challenge together can help you feel more satisfied with your relationship. Oh, and regular yoga sessions may increase men’s sex drive (you can thank us later). Find a local class, or make a romantic mini-break of it, at

A-maze yourselves


Up the ante this Valentine’s and book a visit to an ‘escape’ room to test your couples skills and see how fast you can solve tricky challenges and win gems, The Crystal Maze-style. Single? Go with a friend and, as you’ll be joining a group of strangers, you may even bag a date. (Research shows that being on high alert can increase our attraction to others.) Find out more at

Mix it up


Our fave music evokes nostalgic feelings that make us more connected to others. So, why not make a modern-day mixtape – aka playlist – for your best friend or your other half on Spotify, reminding them of childhood classics (such as that routine you performed to S Club 7 at primary school, or first-date dances). Bring on those good vibrations!

Words Rosie Benson Photography Alamy, Shutterstock


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