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How to become a morning person

Studies indicate that early risers may be happier and more proactive than later sleepers – so here’s how to get in on the action


Can’t shake that ‘just five more minutes’ mindset? There’s an app for that: Alarmy* claims to have forced 13 million users out of bed since its launch. We’re not surprised: you can only turn it off by taking a picture of a place or object – ideally, far from where you sleep – that you’ve set as your ‘key’. Or, it’ll make you solve maths problems until slumber is the last thing on your mind. Algebra refresh, anyone?


Early to bed, early to rise – right? But if your biological clock favours staying up late, it’s easier said than done. Psychologist Stephanie Silberman** suggests bringing your bed/wake times forward in 15-minute increments, so your body clock can gradually adjust. The Lumie Sunrise Alarm†, £39.99/3,999 points, which recreates a natural sunrise, could also help make mornings more pleasant.


Tweet your morning run! Yup, a study by the Dominican University of California discovered that when we share our goals with a friend and give regular updates, we have a 76% rate of success. We like those odds! So, keep your mates and followers in the loop about your early-bird ambition and you might find it harder to hit ‘snooze’.


Burpees are probably the last thing on your mind at 7am. But research suggests 30 minutes of early-morning aerobic exercise can lead to more time spent in deep sleep, compared with exercising at 1pm or 7pm. Worried you’ll chicken out as soon as your alarm rings? Try sleeping in your gym kit: it’s harder to talk yourself out of a run if you’re already dressed for it!


Starting the morning in a positive frame of mind can set your mood for the entire day, so try to use those extra minutes to do something that’ll give you a happy hit. It might be a 15-minute meditation, catching up on a Netflix series, or just savouring quiet time with a cuppa – we like caffeine-free Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey†, £2.49/249 points (20-pack).

Words Rosie Benson Photography Getty Images

*Free on iOS and Android devices. **Author of The Insomnia Workbook (New Harbinger Publications). †Available in selected stores.


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