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Want to shake up your style for the new season? These easy, on-trend updates work for every hair length and texture... no salon required



Good news for second- and even third-day hair: topknots are back! Catwalk stylist Kerry Warn tells us how to recreate the up-do of the season

‘AVOID YOUR REFLECTION (just like you would on a lazy Sunday morning) to achieve that loose, undone texture of a messy topknot. A half-pulled-through pony is the easiest take on the trend. Mirrors are distracting – there’s a tendency to be too precise.’


‘When you’ve finished, you have permission to look in the mirror to check the ends are messy enough! Spritz over texturising spray and play around with the tips with your fingers to give that cool, effortless finish’


‘IT’S EASY TO ADD EXTRA CHIC TO YOUR STYLE. After you’ve pulled the pony three-quarters of the way out and fixed it in place with an elastic, tease out a band of hair from the length, then wrap it around the ponytail base and use grips to help it stay put.’


‘USE A PADDLE BRUSH TO SMOOTH OUT KNOTS AND TANGLES. Then spritz with salt spray to give the style a messy, gritty texture that will also help to keep the topknot in place.’


‘Less is more with this look. No tools necessary, other than your hands, a hair tie and some grips’



Need to up your everyday hair game? Befriend your straighteners, as ironed, mirror-smooth hair is big news. Perfect a poker finish with tips from celebrity stylist Ben Cooke

‘WHEN HAIR’SSTILL WET, spritz with heat protector and comb it all the way from the front of your head to the back a couple of times. This ensures it covers the entire length of hair and that it’s slicked back in one direction.’


‘BEFORE BLOW-DRYING, choose your parting. In the middle looks great on everyone and makes a statement. For a clean, sharp divide, help separate the hairs with a tail comb.’


‘Tame any stubborn baby hairs around your hairline with a smoothing serum’


‘USE A NATURAL-BRISTLE BRUSH when blow-drying to prevent static. Don’t forget to point the hairdryer downwards, as this will ensure a smooth finish.’


‘FLYAWAYS ARE A NO-NO. Finish styling by ironing hair to help the cuticles (outer layers) lie flat. Run your straighteners over the whole length in a quick sweep – too slow and you risk singeing the outer layers.’


‘TO REINVENT A SHORTER STYLE, don’t part your hair – just slick it all back, using gel for extra hold. No need to blow dry.’


‘This style works best on freshly washed hair, so shampoo and condition with a smoothing duo before styling’



Inject volume into your style with this glam, suits-all trend. It’s a quick and fuss-free way to add the wow factor. Take inspiration from hairstylist Kevin Mancuso

‘TO CREATE THE SIDE SWEEP, push the hair on the crown over to the side with a paddle brush. If you fancy a fringe but don’t want to cut one in, wear your parting extra deep (so it starts in line with the outer edge of your brow). This will create fake bangs, with the hair swept across your forehead.’


‘Your hair will need lots of volume to pull this off, so add mousse when it’s wet, then blow-dry using a large barrel brush. Finally, tip your head upside down and spritz with strong-hold hairspray’


‘SET THE HAIR IN THE DIRECTION you want it to sit by pointing the blow dryer in that way as you go. If you have fine hair and need extra hold, spritz with more hairspray midway through drying.’


‘CRIMPERS ARE THE SECRET TOOL for creating volume backstage. Crimping only the roots adds lift, even on fine hair. If this finish is a nod too far to the 80s for you, just clamp the roots underneath the top layers, so you’ll still get the volume but without the crimped effect.’


‘Let the ends go flyaway. Brush over from mid-lengths to the tips and tease the ends by smoothing a texturising paste between your palms, then rub hands over the tips’

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Compiled by Donna Francis Photography Getty Images, Jason Lloyd Evans, Pixeleyes


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