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Beauty Fix-its!

Overstyled hair? Fake-tan fail? Sort those slip-ups with hacks from the pros


Hairspray overload

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    ‘Brush it out using a natural bristle brush. This will lift off the excess spray, while smoothing the hair cuticle for a softer finish,’ advises Kerry Warn, international creative director at John Frieda. Our fave? The Kent PF02 Small Natural Bristle And Nylon Paddle Brush, £7.99/799 points.

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Eyeliner smear

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    ‘If a smudge of liquid liner has started to dry, wait a moment and you should be able to pick it off gently. If it’s still wet, instead of wiping it (which will remove other make-up, too), dab concealer over the top and blend,’ says Sascha Jackson, Stila’s UK lead pro artist.

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Mani mishap

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    ‘Leave the smudge to dry for a couple of minutes, then apply a dab of cuticle oil to soften the polish and make it easier to mould back into place using your finger,’ explains Stephanie Staunton, celebrity manicurist. Try Essie Cuticle Hydrator Apricot Cuticle Oil, £8.99/899 points (13.5ml).

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Uneven Tan

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    Fake tan + dressing in a hurry = high risk of sweaty streaks. ‘Wait a few minutes, then use a powder puff to apply talc to your armpits, backs of legs and under your breasts, to stop the colour sweating off,’ suggests tanning expert James Read. We like NYX Professional Makeup Luxe Powder Puff in Large*, £5.50/550 points.

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Glitter drop-down

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    ‘Wait until you’ve applied all your glitter, then sweep away any surplus using a dry make-up brush with firm, tightly packed bristles, so you don’t miss a speck,’ says make-up artist Julie Jacobs.

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Overdone your...

‘Dust a thin layer of translucent powder over the top to cancel out the warmth,’ recommends Ffion Davies, national make-up artist, YSL Beauty.


‘If you’re looking ghost-like, lightly spritz a hydrating mist over the powder to break it down and diffuse any chalkiness,’ says Estée Lauder UK  make-up artist Emma Tillman.


‘Swirl a clean brush over the blusher to disperse any excess product and blend in the rest,’ advises Frederic Letailleur, make-up artist for YSL Beauty.


No more knots

If tangles send you into a twist after washing your hair, The Wet Detangler Hairbrush, £11, can take the pain away, leaving hair smooth and damage-free. Plus, The Wet Detangler’s stronger, longer teeth glide through all types of hair with ease. It’s probably why 82% of women would recommend it to a friend*.

*Available in selected stores.

Compiled by Abbie-Joelle Skliarsky Photography Getty Images


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