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‘Be who you want to be’

As Little Mix’s exclusive make-up range launches, the girls reveal their beauty mantras

Make-up’s about expressing yourself…

Perrie: ‘My make-up reflects my mood. If I’m feeling really bold, I’ll do a glitzy eye with glitter and face gems. Or, if I’m chilling, I’ll get my Eyeconix palette from the LMX By Little Mix range, and do a natural eye.’

Leigh Anne: ‘On stage, we can go all out and do really experimental looks, but day-to-day, it’s nice to be a bit more natural.’

Creating your own look is empowering

Jade: ‘As a woman, it’s good to be in charge of what you’re putting on your face. It’s empowering to think: “This is what I’m going to wear. I’m going to rock it and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.”’

Jesy: ‘And it’s fun, isn’t it? There are so many looks you can try.’

Don’t let age dictate your make-up

Perrie: ‘My mum tried out every product during our development meetings and absolutely loved them! She’s obsessed with our LMX By Little Mix lip glosses.’

Jade: ‘We thought about all types of women and what they might like. My mum is buzzing for the bronzy LMX By Little Mix eyeshadows in the Eyeconix palette.’

Everybody should be able to experiment

Perrie: ‘Sometimes it’s fun to just play and work out what you like and dislike… even if it’s just in your bedroom.’

Jade: ‘I think it’s about balance. When I was younger, my mum would say things like, “You’re not going out in that, are you?” But there’s got to be a bit of leeway. When I was a teenager, I’d use just a bit of blusher and lip gloss, and as I got older, I experimented more and more.’

Wear make-up for you

Jade: ‘I hate it when people say, “You’re just wearing make-up to impress boys.” Er, no! I’m wearing it because I love it and I love experimenting with colour and glitter and feeling fabulous. I’m doing it for me.’

Jesy: ‘But you know, if you do want a little smooch with your boyfriend, our matte lips don’t budge! I wear the LMX By Little Mix One Kiss matte lip all the time. I love it!’

Leigh Anne: ‘It’s important to remember to just be you.’

Loving how you look starts in the mind

Leigh Anne: ‘I’d tell my younger self not to worry about what people think of me. Easier said than done because, when you’re young, you think everyone’s out to get you.’

Perrie: ‘Yeah, as you get older, you start to care less about what other people think. But women are always going to look in the mirror and pick themselves apart. So if you can learn in your own mind that you’re beautiful, that’s what’s important.’

The LMX By Little Mix cosmetics range is exclusive to Boots and in stores now. Prices start at £6/600 points.

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Words Stephen Unwin


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