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'Tis the season for knockout nails

See incredible results in a flash with a pro-style gel kit


ast-minute drinks invite? No sweat! You’ve picked out a dress, your hair’s washed and you’ve even found some clean tights. But if your nails are looking far from party-perfect, say hello to the SensatioNail Express Gel Starter Kit, £34.99. In the time it takes to straighten your fringe, you can have a fabulous mani to finish off your look when clutching that glass of bubbles.


Simply does it

With this clever kit, there’s no need for primer or top coat – just prepare your nails by gently buffing the natural shine from them, then washing and drying thoroughly. Next, apply a coat of SensatioNail Express Gel One Step Polish, and cure for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. Paint on another coat (or two if you want greater depth of coverage), cure again, and you’ve created up to 10 days of super-gloss colour in less than 10 minutes. Easy.


Your time to shine

For a truly show-stopping look, apply new SensatioNail Chrome Express Gel, £15 (available in four shades, including Silver and Purple), to your Express or Original SensatioNail manicure. These ultra-fine powders can be used individually for a stunning mirror effect, or mixed with other shades to create an on-trend multi-tone mermaid- or unicorn-style finish (that are all over Instagram). Whatever you decide, get set for the compliments to roll in.


The SensatioNail Express Gel Starter Kit includes an LED lamp and polish in Made Him Blush or Red Your Profile (10ml each). If you prefer a three-step gel mani (including primer and top coat), the original Gel Starter Kit is also available on, plus the full range of SensatioNail polishes, which features over 100 gorgeous shades.


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