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3 ways to help swerve the seasonal slump

Surprisingly simple ideas to help up your energy


anuary blues? Lost your spark? It’s that time of year when we can be prone to feeling run down. No more! Try these smart tips to help improve your get up and go – and make your spirits soar, too.

1. Have a cold shower

Bear with us on this one! A recent study found that those who added a blast of cold water to the end of their daily shower reported feeling more energised, with many comparing the effect to having a hit of caffeine1. OK, it’s January, so feel free to indulge in that warm shower first to ease you into the day, then brace yourself and reap the zingy benefits.

2. Supplement your brekkie

You may think that low energy and feeling ‘bleurgh’ are par for the course this season – but don’t take it lying down (literally!). We all know the importance of a healthy, balanced and varied diet in order to get the nutrients we need. But if you are one of nearly a quarter of women in the UK who have a low iron intake2, which can lead to tiredness and lack of energy3, then upping yours is a smart move. Made with mineral water and a tasty Nordic blueberry concentrate, Blueiron Liquid Iron Food Supplement, £14.99 (330ml) is gentle on your stomach. With added vitamins C (for healthy skin, blood and bones), B12 (which makes red blood cells and keeps the nervous system healthy) and E (for healthy skin and eyes, and to strengthen the immune system), plus folic acid, it really packs a nutritional punch. So, take two teaspoons with your breakfast and you’ll be set to skip out the door.


3. Work it out

It probably feels like the last thing you want to do, but regular exercise can help lift your energy levels4. Need a motivation hit? Studies show that working out to music can feel less demanding and increase energy efficiency5. What’s more, cranking up the tunes releases the feel-good hormone dopamine6. So, whether you’re more Beethoven or Bon Jovi, put your trainers on and get that playlist going for an instant dose of energy.


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