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How to nail a home mani

Want to create pro-style gels yourself? Read on…


 fresh mani can really help to make you feel preened, polished and confident. But sometimes, just finding the time to get to the salon is an appointment too far. And that’s where SensatioNail comes in – providing all the kit you need to create gel nails at home. Here’s how to pull them off like a pro.

Select your shade

With 25 fabulous new shades just released in the SensatioNail Express Gel Range*, £10 (10ml) each, you can keep up with catwalk colour trends at home – from the pretty Want A Peach Of Me to the pillar-box pop of Out Of The Red, there’s something to suit every style.

Prep your nails

Clean them with washing-up liquid to help get rid of any oils and create the perfect base for painting.

Slick it on

The beauty of SensatioNail Express Gel? There’s no base coat required. So you can apply a first, thin layer of colour straight onto the nail. For a pro finish, start brushing a bit further up your nail from the cuticle, then ‘push’ the polish towards – but not touching – it. Next, paint one stroke up the centre and one up each side. Finally, run the brush horizontally over the top of your nail to protect against chipping. Et voilà!

Cure and repeat

Put your hand under the SensatioNail LED Lamp (which comes as part of the SensatioNail Express Starter Kit, £34.99, and includes one Express Gel shade), for 30 seconds to allow the colour to cure. Apply a second layer and cure again. Job done! Your talons will stay chip-free for up to 10 days.


Top it off

SensatioNail Express Gel doesn’t need a top coat. However, slicking on the New SensatioNail Non Wipe Top Coat*, £15/1,500 points (7.39ml), will give a super-gloss finish and extra staying power. It cures in just 15 seconds, and while some top coats have a sticky layer that needs wiping off after curing, this new formulation doesn’t, so you’re good to go in seconds. Plus, it can be used with all Original SensatioNail colours.

*Available in selected stores. Subject to availability


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