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Get lush lashes

Think you can’t wear falsies? Three words: yup, you can. With the new Eylure X Emma Willis range, application is a cinch


here’s no denying that a perfect set of sweeping lashes ups the glamour stakes in an instant. But if you’re not a seasoned falsies pro, you might think applying them will take longer – and be fiddlier – than threading a needle… blindfolded. But that’s where you’re wrong.

From left: Insta-Belle, Trix-A-Lashious, All The Aces

The new range of lashes from Eylure X Emma Willis, £6.95 (one set), are so quick and faff-free to apply, even a newbie can wear them every day. The secret? The TV star and model has designed them so there’s no fiddly measuring or trimming to do, which makes them almost mistake-proof. Each reusable set is made up of accent lashes and corner lashes, which can be worn alone or together for a bolder look.

All you have to do is choose the design that best suits your style: Insta-Belle is a lovely set of light, fluttery lashes; subtly flared Trix-A-Lashious lengthens your eye shape; while feathery All The Aces gives covetable fullness and definition, Or, yeah, you could just take all of them…

Apply like a pro

Easy tweezing

For precision handling, use tweezers to take hold of the inner rim of the lashes and peel them off the packaging tray.


Perfect position

Don’t apply the accent lashes too close to the inner corners of your eye. Line up the inner edge of your false lash with where your iris begins – the perfect place for a natural look. Using corner lashes? Apply just after the iris for pro-style peepers.


Glue clues

When you apply the glue to the lash band, wait 20-30 seconds for it to get tacky before pressing the lashes into place, as this will help them stick.


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