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5 ways to ease the Sunday-night blues

Smart techniques to turn that end-of-weekend sad face into a bring-on-Monday grin


Doing all your chores the night before the working week begins would bring Pollyanna down, so schedule the more tedious tasks for a Saturday. Make it easier with the Brightnest app (free for iPhone and Android). This ‘life-hacker’ for your home helps you plan tasks, sends reminders and pings you tailor-made time-saving tips. Then reclaim Sunday as Funday, filling it with things that make you truly happy.


Spoiling Sundays with negative musings about the week ahead? Jot them down on a piece of paper – then rip it up and throw it away. Scientists have found that physically getting rid of anxious thoughts helps your mind discard them, too. Clever.


Research shows that 4.13pm on a Sunday is typically when the blues hit. Sound familiar? Well, don’t reach for that bottle of red. Over time, booze can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. Instead, try Pukka Night Time Herbal Tea Sachets*, £2.39/239 points (20-pack), for a soothing alternative to sip.


Stop with the Sunday ‘comparisonitus’ (aka being jealous of the fun things people have posted on Facebook), as it’ll only impact negatively on your wellbeing. If you must zone out with your phone, those cat videos aren’t a bad shout. Yep, a study has discovered watching them increases energy and positivity. You’ll be so busy LOLing, you’ll forget to feel inadequate…


If you struggle to sleep because work worries are whizzing around inside your head, kick those thoughts into touch by downloading the tune scientists claim is the most relaxing, ever – Weightless by Marconi Union. In one study, some participants said it even made them drowsy. For a relaxation double whammy, Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray*, £7/700 points (100ml), around your boudoir and on your pillow. Sweet dreams are made of this…

*Available in selected stores.

Words Danielle Hine Photography Getty Images


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