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5 ways to chillax from day one

Our smart tips will help ensure you’re in holiday mode as soon as you hit the pool


Ahh, the sounds of waves lapping, palm trees rustling… and email alerts pinging. Can’t put down your phone? Remember: time away from our busy lives can reduce stress and may improve immune function. Plus, scientists have found this ‘holiday feeling’ can last for up to a month after your trip. If you must check emails, try to do it just once a day.


Sod’s law means we often get sick as soon as we go on holiday. These might help: wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before eating and after going to the loo; wipe food trays/armrests in transit with Boots Anti-Bacterial Wipes, £1/100 points (12-pack); and avoid touching your face, as it encourages germs to invade your mouth and nose.


Mind a whirl of worries, even by the pool? Take a breather: deep abdominal breathing can help slow your heart rate and stabilise blood pressure. Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting your abdomen expand, then steadily breathe out, thinking of a relaxing image or phrase (perhaps not ‘let it go’ or you’ll get the Frozen theme in your head!).


Plan ahead. Don’t want your time of the month during your trip? Go online to find out about the Period Delay Service ( Unsure about adaptors? The Go Travel Worldwide Travel Adaptor, £30/3,000 points (in store only), does it all. Worried about DVT? Try the New Boots Pharmaceuticals Flight Socks, £13.99/1,399 points (1 pair; sizes 3-6).


Before bed while you’re away, jot down all you’re grateful for about your break, even if it’s small (think long lie-ins or a free glass of in-flight wine). Why? Being thankful can improve our sense of mental wellbeing, make us feel less aggressive (even when the sunloungers are all taken by 6.30am) and help us sleep better. Happy holidays!

How to relax on holiday – May

Don’t forget: with Boots Order & Collect, you can pick up products at the airport (selected airports only; order at least five days in advance). Holidaying in the UK? Collect from a store at your destination. For more details, go to

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