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How to keep calm... and carry on

Soothe your prickliness – whatever the situation

Find yourself going full-on Hulk when you lose your keys or when Netflix won’t load quickly enough? Yep, everyday irritability is on the rise. And it’s harming our health: people prone to anger have an increased risk of heart disease. Thankfully, our quiz is here to help. Simply choose your reaction to the following blood-boiling scenarios to find out your anger tribe, and we’ll explain how best to stop your snap attack in its tracks.


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*Mike Fisher, Beating Anger: The Eight-Point Plan For Coping With Rage (Rider) **Terry Erle Clayton, Free Yourself From Anger (Amazon e-book) Never leave a burning candle unattended. ††Available Monday to Saturday in over 2,300 stores. Geographical exclusions apply. For full terms and conditions, go to

Words Charlotte Grant-West Illustration Nic Farrell


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