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Are you a travel health whizz?

Are you a pro at dodging holiday bugs, or do you always come back with more than a tan? Test yourself with our quiz, then check out our trouble-free travel kit

It’s not long before your far-flung trip and you haven’t booked your jabs. Too late now…
Answer : FALSE

Although you should seek advice about jabs at least 6-8 weeks before you travel (it leaves time to complete any courses), the Boots Travel Vaccinations and Health Advice Service still might be able to help. Book an appointment online at and you can chat through a plan*.

Taking a slow, deep breath can help with motion sickness
Answer : TRUE

Granted, it sounds simple, but a research study has suggested this could help. Motion sickness is often accompanied by fast, shallow breathing. Instead, try to focus on breathing in slowly while counting to eight, then out again for eight, for about 15 minutes – ideally before the journey starts. It can even help you recover more quickly after the motion has stopped. Clever.

You can pick up traveller’s tummy even during a week in Europe
Answer : TRUE

A dodgy tum doesn’t just happen in developing countries – a change of water, hygiene or routine can have an effect on bowels whether you’re in South America or the Costa Brava. How to avoid? Wash hands before and after using the loo, and always before eating. You should also skip raw fruit and veg, ensure food is thoroughly cooked and hot, and drink bottled water.

Nearly a third of people get burnt every time they’re in the sun
Answer : TRUE

Yes, 30% of Brits admitted to burning every time they go in the sun, even when they’re in Blighty! The most common reason? Not applying SPF to key areas such as noses, shoulders and tops and soles of feet (doh!). Remember: adults should use at least SPF15, and slather on roughly two tablespoons to cover the whole body and two teaspoons for the head, neck and arms.

You can’t get travel insurance if you have cancer
Answer : FALSE

You can, but you must declare it with your travel insurance provider first. Don’t think this will blow your budget. Boots Medical Travel Insurance involves a specialist medical screening and you can talk about your condition to a person (not just tick a checklist), for an accurate quote. (FYI, other medical conditions, from raised blood pressure to heart disease, can also be covered.) Head to for more info.

You’ve lost your passport – you need to call the police, pronto!
Answer : FALSE

If it’s just misplaced, go to the local British embassy, high commission or consulate (find your nearest one at to get an emergency passport to get back to the UK. Hopefully, you’ll get a new one on the day of your appointment, but it can take longer – you’ll need a copy of your passport (such as a pic on your phone), a recent passport-quality photo, and proof of your travel plans (such as booking confirmations). Only call the police if you think it’s been stolen.

You can’t take liquids over 100ml in your flight hand luggage
Answer : TRUE

Although you can’t take liquids above 100ml through security, you can buy bigger items, such as sunscreen and shower gel, after you’ve passed through to take on the plane (but check your airline’s cabin-baggage allowance first). There’s a Boots at most UK airports, so you can order ahead at** – and you’ll have more time to spend in duty-free, hurrah!

Thailand is a high-risk zone for the Zika virus
Answer : TRUE

Although you might think Zika is only present in Southern and Central American countries, as well as Africa, it’s actually more widespread (check for latest updates). Avoid being bitten by mozzies by using an insect repellent containing DEET, wearing long-sleeved and ankle-length clothing, and using a mosquito net when sleeping. For most people, Zika is a mild infection, but if you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy you might want to rethink travel plans, as the virus can cause birth defects. If you’re visiting a mosquito-risk area, speak to a pharmacist about malaria prevention before you go.

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    Look out for a holiday checklist in Boots stores – it’ll give you peace of mind that nothing is forgotten (plus, it has great health and beauty hints and tips!).

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**Order five days in advance; available at selected airports only; for more info, go to

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