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Happy face

From an uplifting blow-dry to a cheery mani, here’s all you need to look and feel fabulous this new year

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    Be bold and beautiful

    Experiment with make-up that pops to get a feel-good hit in under five minutes


    Red lips ‘An iconic sign of sophistication, a red lip can instantly make you feel more confident,’ explains Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make-up artist and brow expert at Benefit. We like NYX Round Lipstick in Chic Red Boots Exclusive £4/400 points.


    Orange nails Need a boost? Paint your nails orange. ‘This warm, citrusy shade is reminiscent of positive things such as sunsets and flowers,’ says manicurist Chisato Yamamoto. ‘Use a white base to make it pop.’ Try Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Oragasm, £2.99/299 points (8ml).


    Blue eyes ‘A great make-up pick-me-up, blue suits all eye colours,’ advises make-up artist Jaimee Thomas. ‘A simple wash over lids will make the whites of eyes look brighter, too.’ Our favourite? NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow  in Turnt Up, £3.50/350 points, or Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon in Jewel Boots Exclusive £3.99/399 points.

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    The uplifting blow-dry

    If that professional salon finish always makes you feel like a million dollars, why not try mastering the DIY version? ‘When your hair’s 90% dry, apply a handful of mousse. Then blow-dry using a large bristle brush, and repeat to create double the volume,’ says hairdresser Lee Stafford. ‘Make sure you aim the nozzle of your dryer down the hair shaft from the root, to help prevent frizz. Finish with some shine spray for a glossy effect.’ Our top choices? Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse Boots Exclusive£5.99/599 points (200ml), and New Denman DHH4 Extra-Large Head Hugger Brush in Orange, £11/1,100 points.

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    Go for the chop

    ‘A haircut can transform your mood,’ says stylist Liam Curran. ‘As well as getting rid of dry ends, the right cut will help build your confidence and make you feel ready for anything.’ Don’t want to go too drastic? ‘Ask for a soft, face-framing fringe that falls just on your eyelashes,’ Liam suggests. ‘It’s versatile enough to wear forwards, as a quiff, or completely slicked back.’

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    Get up and glow

    It’s true that radiant skin has a lot to do with how you’re feeling on the inside, but these quick complexion kick-starters will help to put you on the fast track to drop-dead gorgeous


    Vitamin C ‘It’s fantastic for boosting radiance,’ says Dr Michèle Sayag, medical strategy director at Bioderma. We like Super Facialist By Úna Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser, £16.99/1,699 points (75ml).


    Aerobic exerciseAnything that gets your heart pumping will help boost circulation, which can make skin look brighter and give a post-workout glow.


    Fake tan ‘This reveals a glowing version of you and revitalises dull skin,’ says tanning expert James Harknett. Try Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray, £13.50/1,350 points (120ml).

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    Follow the happy hair rules

    DO Re-think your routine. ‘Ask your hairdresser how often you should wash your hair to keep it at its healthiest,’ says Ken O’Rourke, brand ambassador at Charles Worthington. ‘For example, if you have coloured locks, wash them every two or three days to help prevent fading.’


    DON’T Always wear the same parting. ‘This will train the hair to lie flat on one side, whereas regularly switching sides will give more lift at the roots,’ explains Ken.


    DO Keep it hydrated. ‘Saturate the mid-lengths and ends in hair oil and leave overnight for an intense burst of moisture,’ Ken suggests. Try Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Oil Boots Exclusive £6.99/699 points (50ml).

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    Say it with nail art

    A bold statement can lift you and your look, and nails are an easy way to shake things up. ‘Negative space or a simple horizontal line is all you need to update a mani,’ says Chisato. To paint like a pro, pour polish into a dry dish and use a fine brush, such as the YSL Eyeliner Brush, £24/2,400 points – gently place it on your nail to achieve your desired effect. Consider Nails Inc St James Gel Effect Nail Polish in Pillar Box Red only £15/1,500 points (14ml).

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    The power pedi

    Never underestimate the mood-enhancing potential of a pedicure! ‘It gives an all-round feeling of being well-kept and maintained,’ says Jenni Draper, colour and trend expert at OPI. ‘You don’t need to apply polish at this time of year – just use a foot file on rough areas once a week and moisturise daily.’ We love Champneys Pedicure Foot File, £10/1,000 points.

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    Shake up your skincare

    Problem skin can get the most positive of us down, but it doesn’t have to be this way – sometimes, a simple product swap can make all the difference



    Avoid Oils and heavy creams – they congest pores and can cause breakouts.

    Switch to Products containing salicylic acid to help unclog pores, or charcoal to absorb excess oil and dirt. Consider Sukin Anti-Pollution Facial Masque, £7.97/797 points (100ml).



    Avoid Foaming cleansers – more lather can mean more irritation.

    Switch to A foam-free cleanser: a product without sulphates, such as Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, £14/1,400 points (100ml), may be less harsh.



    Avoid Cleansing with water – it can strip the skin’s natural oils.

    Switch to Oil-based products, such as Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume, £13/ 1,300 points (200ml), help prevent skin feeling taut.

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    WOW hair-colour hacks

    Bad news: only 13% of us say we really love our hair.
    Good news: these smart colouring tips from Michael Douglas for Nice ’n Easy should help to raise that figure.


    Try reverse balayage
    ‘This means slightly darkening the ends instead of lightening them, to create depth and texture in layered hair.’ We like Nice ’n Easy Permanent Colour, £5.99/599 points (1 application).


    Apply like a pro
    ‘For a more subtle result, use your chosen colour on damp, rather than soaking wet, hair. If you have areas of grey that you want to cover, I suggest working on these first.’


    Create a halo effect
    ‘To give the illusion of a natural-light shine, apply a band of cream colourant that’s one shade lighter than the rest of your hair around the crown and back of your head.’

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    Give your mood a hand

    ‘Pamper your way to happiness by giving yourself a manicure,’ says Adam Slee, Rimmel London global nail expert. Start by trimming nails, then file them to shape (Tweezerman Neon Files, £6/600 points, 3-pack, instantly brighten things up). Rub an oil into cuticles, then spend a few minutes giving both your nails and hands a massage – using a nourishing hand cream in a scent you love will heighten the pamper factor. Bliss!

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    3 drab-to-fab make-up tricks

    Dull skin? ‘Mix a liquid bronzer and highlighter with your foundation, then pat it all over your face with a make-up sponge,’ says Lisa Potter-Dixon. We love Barry M Light Me Up! Liquid Highlighter, £4.99/499 points (10ml).


    Tired eyes? ‘Purple eyeshadow is, surprisingly, one of the easiest and most flattering shades to wear,’ says make-up artist Lee Pycroft. ‘Press on to lids with a finger.’ Try Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks in Purple, £2.99/299 points.


    Sad face? ‘A quick way to bring your complexion back to life? Apply a matte bronzer in a figure-of-three shape either side of your face, under your jaw bone and down your neck,’ Lisa advises. ‘Then dab highlighter along the top of your cheekbones.’ Get glowing with Benefit Hoola Bronzer, £23.50/2,350 points.

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Hey beauty! How happy are you?


of women agree that lipstick makes them feel really good about themselves


of women agree that the way their hair looks affects how they feel


of women are unhappy with their skin

*If you have a medical condition, consult your GP before undertaking a new exercise regime, and stop if you feel uncomfortable.

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