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The 5-day no-wash plan

Imagine saying farewell to shampoo for a whole (working) week. Plus, you get to rock a new trend every day…




‘It’s not easy maintaining a perfectly straight look for five days,’ explains hairstylist Anton Alexander, ‘so dry locks with a kink using a large, round bristle brush.’ Apply a heat protector first, then blow-dry in 2in sections, lifting at the roots to add volume.

Conditioning tip
‘Skip conditioner and use a treatment for coloured hair,’ says Anton. ‘These are really softening, but not heavy, so locks won’t get weighed down with product over the following four days.’



Roll up


‘Make the most of clean hair by wearing it down,’ advises Anton. ‘Brush out any knots, then use a large curling tong on random sections to liven up the waves from the day before. Comb into a side parting and roll up the mid-lengths to the ends of the longer side, fixing with grips. This will keep your hands out of the front section, too, which helps limit greasiness.’

Avoid frizz ‘Steam and heat from the shower can cause frizz, so wear a cap when washing,’ adds Anton.


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Plait it messy


You’ll now have great ‘bed-head’ texture, but roots will start looking greasy, so mattify them with dry shampoo. ‘A loose braid works with messy textures,’ advises Anton. ‘Don’t plait too neatly – unkempt is best, so let strands fall loose.’

Product overload?
‘To avoid chalky patches, spray dry shampoo onto a brush and comb over the roots,’ says Anton. Or look for products formulated to help leave no white residue.


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In a bun


‘It’s not necessarily dirt that makes hair look greasy, but rather a build-up of product,’ explains Anton. ‘So opt for a no-product style, such as a bun, which is great for disguising oily roots.’ Pull locks into a high ponytail, secure with a snag-free band and wrap the length around the base, fixing with grips.

Keep it modern ‘Position the bun so it’s slightly off-centre. Then give it a quick blast with the hairdryer on a cool setting to loosen up flyways,’ adds Anton.


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Slick back


It’s time to embrace the grease and slick hair back. ‘The last day calls for a wet-look style,’ says Anton. ‘Keep the roots sleek by pumping a few drops of serum into your palm, then rubbing a bristle brush into this and smoothing it over the roots.’ The ends should have a slightly unkempt texture by now, so leave them loose and messy.

Help it stay put ‘Slide grips behind your ears to keep your style in place,’explains Anton.


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*Available in selected stores. †Available from 30 October.

Words Donna Francis Photography Jason Lloyd-Evans


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