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‘My top advice? Be yourself’

Sarah Jessica Parker is 51 – how did this happen?! She reveals the positives of getting older, and why we should all ditch the selfie filter


ctress, fashion icon, designer (she has a dress, shoe and bag collection), and a genuinely gracious and charming person to boot – you can safely say that Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t disappoint when Health & Beauty met her at the launch of her new fragrance, Stash, in London’s Hotel Café Royal. The diminutive star took time out to pose for selfies with everyone (no diva behaviour here). #girlcrush officially cemented.


You’ve got fabulous, naturally curly hair – what’s your styling secret when you’re short of time? You’ll be disappointed, but I just shower at night and sleep on it wet. That’s it!


What’s the one product you always have in your handbag? Lip gloss. A book (or my Kindle). My BlackBerry. Fragrance. My keys… I guess that’s more than one!


What kind of feeling do you like a fragrance to give you when you spritz it on? I want to feel like myself. Or perhaps as if I’m with a perfect companion.


In this selfie-obsessed society, what’s your advice to young women about accepting their natural, non-filtered looks? Be yourself. The only thing that matters when you leave the house is that you feel good about your choices.


What have you found to be the positive things about being in your 50s? Experience. The accumulation is a gift.


What skincare advice will you give your daughters [seven-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha] when they’re older? Moisturise – and always wear sunscreen.


What’s your tip for feeling happier? If I have a blue moment, I try to let it happen but not settle. And I look towards the future – an idea I know is joyful – then the next day I try to capture and hold onto that feeling.


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