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What’s in a smile?

It’s one of your greatest natural assets. You don’t need a degree, big muscles or lots of cash to grin – and when you do…

…it throws a party in your brain

You bump into a friend and happy signals rush from your brain to your face, making you smile. Just that act of grinning sends more feel-good messages back to the brain, creating a ‘loop of happiness’. In other words, when you’re happy, you smile, and when you smile, you’re happy. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’!  


…you may get that promotion

No more scowling at your desk: a study found that a well-placed grin goes down very well at work, especially when dealing with customers. Smile genuinely and you’ll be seen as polite, likeable and more capable, scoring big points with your boss.


…you stress less

Stuck in traffic? Grrr. But studies have found that if you can muster a smile during trying activities, it reduces the body’s stress response, lowering your heart rate. Plus, a positive outlook might also help the immune system.


…you may live longer

US scientists studied 230 baseball players in their 1952 team photos. In 2009, of the 184 players who had since died, those who weren’t smiling had lived an average of 72.9 years, while those who were rocking a cheesy grin made it to 79.9 years – home run!


…people will think you’re really hot

Time to ditch the pouty selfies: a study found that smiling faces are seen as much more attractive. Enough said.

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    What makes you smile?

    There are always reasons to smile – you just have to find them. We asked what gets you grinning… #whatmakesyousmile

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    The beauty of a smile

    We’d all love to smile more, but more than half of us don’t like the colour of our teeth, meaning we’re often too self-conscious to flash those pearly off-whites.


    Today, we’re surrounded by tooth-whitening products, but if you suffer from sensitive teeth, you may have avoided them. Sensitivity occurs when the inner tooth –  the dentine – becomes exposed, and many whitening products contain abrasives that may cause not only pain, but also further damage to the teeth. Sensodyne True White Toothpaste, £8 (75ml; available in Extra Fresh and Mint flavours), has been specially formulated to give expert care to sensitive teeth while also restoring natural whiteness. Ten times less abrasive that many whitening toothpastes, it contains 5% sodium tripolyphosphate – a mild agent that gently lifts stains and creates a shield to prevent future marks forming.


    As gentle as brushing with water, Sensodyne True White means you no longer have to toss a coin when it comes to dental care – you can have whiter teeth and relief from sensitivity with twice daily brushing. At last, you can smile without compromise.

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Here’s one more reason to smile – a chance to win a fabulous spa day for you and a friend, which includes a relaxing 55-minute face or body treatment each, full use of the spa facilities and afternoon tea, all worth £250*. Just answer one simple question:

How many times less abrasive is Sensodyne True White compared to many everyday whitening toothpastes?

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