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Gel-nail myths busted



hether you shun gel manis because you’re worried your nails will suffer or you think they’re too tricky to do yourself, we’ve got news for you…


Won’t a gel polish harm my nails?

Not if removed correctly. Gel polish sits on top of the nail and lasts up to two weeks without damage. Just remember: buffing your nails too hard, either before you apply the polish or while you’re removing it, could cause harm, so go gently.


But it’s really hard to remove, isn’t it?

Not at all. Simply buff off the shine and file the edges of your nails to ‘break’ the polish seal, then wrap each finger in a SensatioNail Remover Wrap, £10 (3 sets), soaked with SensatioNail Gel Polish Remover, £6 (234ml), and relax for 15-20 minutes. Finally, gently push off the flakes of gel with a SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Tool, £5. 


Don’t I need to let my nails breathe between manicures?

The surface of the nail doesn’t need to ‘breathe’ – it’s made up of keratin, which means it’s perfectly safe to remove one gel manicure, then apply another straight away.


I love nail art – don’t gels have to be all one colour?

No! SensatioNail gels are mixable: you can create your own shade by combining drops of different polishes on a piece of foil, or by ’marbling’ the colours together with a manicure stick once they’re applied. You can also use a regular nail polish on top of gel, if you want to experiment.

Convinced to give it a go?


The SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit, £49.99 (comes in four shades, including Raspberry Wine, shown above), contains everything you need to begin your love affair with gel polish: LED lamp, cleanser, primer, base and top coat, and colour polish (3.69ml), along with nail shields, manicure stick, buffer and wipes. It can be used with any of the gorgeous SensatioNail gel polish colours, so check out the full collection at – you’ll never look back!

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