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long with a smooth complexion and glossy hair, white teeth are top of our beauty wish list. They can make us look younger – and they certainly make us feel better. Today, there are lots of quick-fix products on the market, promising you a whiter smile – but how long do their effects last? And what exactly do they do to your teeth?


Sensodyne Pronamel knows the key to a white smile lies in the health of your teeth. They’re covered in a hard layer of enamel – this is the white, strong coating that gives them their healthy appearance. Over time – and through corrosion due to acidic food and drinks – the enamel may wear away, exposing the duller, more yellow, dentine underneath. Once the enamel is worn away, it’s gone for good and no whitening products will be able to restore it.


So, if you want to preserve the whiteness – and health – of your teeth, it’s vital to hold on to the enamel. Pronamel is the No.1 dentist-recommended brand to protect enamel from acid erosion. Brushing twice a day with Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel Toothpaste, £5 (75ml), delivers minerals to the enamel to help strengthen and protect teeth against current and future corrosion, while also whitening and removing stains to make teeth look polished.


Investing in the future of your teeth is one of the smartest health and beauty moves you can make. Start today with Pronamel and enjoy a confident smile for years to come.


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