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‘I love going over the top at Christmas!’

Superstar vlogger Zoella spills the beans on everything from throwing an unforgettable soirée to buying for tricky people


he’s reached iconic status in the beauty vlogging world – with 10 million subscribers and counting to her YouTube channel – but the multi-award-winning Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg), 26, isn’t too cool to love Christmas as much as we do. And she’s given us some genius tips to share with you all…


The key to throwing a memorable party is all in the decorations. I love going a bit over the top. I want people to walk into my house and feel like they’ve stepped into Santa’s Grotto, so I put up as many twinkling lights, baubles and other fun Christmas decorations as possible. You also want the scent of festive candles drifting through the house, and a great seasonal playlist [see below]. Maybe a spot of Secret Santa, too!


We all make mistakes when it comes to presents. The first Christmas with my boyfriend, I bought him a gadget you clip onto a saucepan to drain water… I’m not really sure why I bought it – it looked a lot cooler online than it did when it arrived! We all had a big laugh about it afterwards – that’s the best way to handle it.


Don’t overdo your ‘gift’ face. On the rare occasion I’ve had to look excited about a present I’m not thrilled by, I try not to go overboard. A Cheshire Cat grin is almost too much of a giveaway.


My tip for buying gifts for difficult people? Look through their social media pages, as you might find they’ve mentioned something that could help. If not, you can’t go wrong with flowers, chocolates or bath products.


When it comes to gift wrapping, the simplest ideas tend to work best.
I like to use brown paper and string, which I decorate using rubber design stamps, feathers or ribbons. I add a tag with a lovely personal message.


The ideal party lip is matte and red.
It’s long-lasting and will stay put all night – you can eat as many mince pies as you like and it will still look good!


Zoella’s chic new lifestyle range is available in store and online (for a taste of what’s on offer, check out our gifting page).

Compiled by Danielle Hine Photography Rex Features/Shutterstock


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