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Beauty Inspiration

Lazy summer hair

Chilled-out styles to help your locks look happy again…


ummer hair is meant to look effortless and fuss-free, but the warmer weather isn’t exactly conducive to keeping it under control. ‘Whatever your texture, hair can be problematic at this time of year, because of the rise in your body temperature,’ explains hairdresser Ben Cooke. ‘More sweat means more frizz, plus exposure to the sun and UV rays can make the strands desert-dry.’ The good news is that whatever kind of hair you have, these easy-to-do styles can help keep your locks looking hot all season…

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    The gentle air-dry… for coloured hair

    ‘The sun can cause coloured hair to frizz and fade as it dries out,’ says Ben. ‘This style swaps dryness for soft waves.

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    Lock-in colour by prepping with a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner.

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    Part hair in the middle and divide in two. Twist and pin each section into small buns tucked just behind each ear.

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    When hair is touch-dry, shake out the buns, loosen tresses with your fingers, and smooth flyaways with a curl cream.’

What about short hair?

‘For a fast summer re-style, apply mousse, then grip all your hair in the palm of your hand, holding it for about 10 seconds to “set” the mousse. Add waves by wrapping sections around the barrel of a small tong.’
Andrew Jose, top hairdresser

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    The effortless pony-bun… for thick, unruly hair

    ‘Thick hair suffers a double whammy in summer, with greasy roots (due to sweat) and dry ends (thanks to the sun),’ explains Ben. ‘For it to look gorgeous all over, create volume at the roots and show off its natural fullness with a chunky, forgot-to-pull-it-through pony-bun.

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    This style needs volume, so spray the roots with dry shampoo (which will also help them stay grease-free).

  1. 2

    Pull hair towards the nape of your neck, smoothing away frizz as you go with a bristle brush.

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    Tie your locks as if you’re going to do a normal ponytail, but only pull it halfway through, leaving the loose ends hanging down at the back.’

Summer fringe SOS

‘You can’t stop your forehead sweating in the heat, but you can prevent a frizzy fringe! Don’t put conditioner on it, as this can attract more oil, and always blow-dry it from wet to keep it in control.’ Lee Stafford, celebrity hairstylist

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    The relaxed topknot… for fine, lifeless hair

    ‘A messy topknot is the perfect summer style for fine hair, as it makes it look thicker,’ says Ben, ‘while the height means you can avoid the “big droop” that finer locks often suffer from in hot weather.

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    Spritz on a sea-salt spray from the mid-lengths to the ends, scrunching hair as you go.

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    Scrape it back into a high ponytail (without looking in a mirror, so it’s not too neat), and secure with an elastic.

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    Backcomb the ponytail, and twist the hair length around its base, securing with pins. Rub hair serum between your fingertips and gently tease the bun apart, pulling out a few tendrils at the front of the hairline, too.’


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Beauty direction Donna Francis Photography Will Whipple, Getty Images, Imaxtree,, Pixeleyes Hair and make-up Lisa Valencia at Carol Hayes Models Tenna at Premier, Hannah at Next and Daisy at Nevs With thanks to Beaches Ocho Rios Resort, Jamaica

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