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Is your phone a health hazard?

These surprising stats mean it’s time for a health and beauty spring clean!


of the UK’s mobile phones are contaminated with nasties from the toilet

And that’s not all – one study found the office landline is a hotbed of germs, too. There could be as many as 25,127 microbes per square inch lurking on a work phone!

How to clean up your act: Research says we’re not cleaning our hands as well as we should after using the loo. After washing and before eating, it may help to use New Boots Advanced First Aid Anti Viral Hand Foam, £3.19/319 points (50ml), and wipe your phone with Dettol Cleansing Surface Wipes, £1.99/199 points (36-pack).


bacteria could be lurking in the average toothbrush

Most of us don’t change our toothbrush often enough. If the bristles have a centre parting, it’s high time you got a new one.

How to clean up your act: Dentists recommend replacing all types every three months. Gone electric? Molarclean Compatible Toothbrush Heads, £8.99/899 points (4-pack), will last you a while!


of contact lens cases contain harmful germs

And these nasties could cause corneal infections and ulcers – On. Your. Eyes!

How to clean up your act: After each use, rinse your lens case with solution, wipe with a tissue then air-dry, uncapped and face down on a tissue. Replace it every month (your optician will recommend a suitable design for your lenses). Or you could consider daily disposable lenses, from £16 for 30 pairs at Boots Opticians.


of handbags are filthier than a loo

Whether it’s Hermès or H&M, bag handles can carry enough bugs to harm our health.

How to clean up your act: Don’t rest it on the floor in a toilet or on public transport, and wipe it regularly – try Boots Antibacterial Handy Wipes, £1/100 points (12-pack).


of mascara tubes are contaminated by microbes

After only three months’ use they can be host to fungi and streptococcal species, which can cause conjunctivitis. Gross!

How to clean up your act: Is your mascara past its use-by date? Then you have the perfect excuse to buy New N°7 Velvet Lash Mascara in Black, £13.50/1,350 points. Boots Exclusive


of your pillow could be made up of dead skin, mites and their poo!

Yup, it’s like a five-star resort for dust mites and their faeces (*gags*), which are associated with asthma and eczema.

How to clean up your act: Wash cases at 60°C or above every three weeks, and wash the pillow itself every three months.

Words: Charlotte Grant-West

Photography: Trunk Archive


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