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Pack your bags!

Get to your holiday destination without any suitcase dramas by taking notes from three beauty queens


'Jamaica means low-key make-up and lots of bright nail colours’

Wah Nails’ Sharmadean Reid reveals her beach-break case

You don’t need much make-up for a beach holiday. In Jamaica, I’ll hit the sand wearing just brow pencil and a natural tinted lip balm.


I love clear plastic cases for getting organised. I sort items into different sections (make-up in one, toiletries in another, health bits and bobs in a third), so I know where everything is. I can then just pop them straight into the hotel bathroom.


My biggest packing disaster was the time I opened my suitcase to find that my nail polishes had smashed! Now, I wrap them in cotton wool, so that if they do break, it will soak up the polish and stop anything else being ruined.


Coconut oil has changed my life! I’m not kidding – I defy anyone not to love the effect it has on your complexion if you use it every day before bed. It’s a real do-it-all product. I also wear it to the beach to stop my hair going ‘crispy’ in the sun.

Wrap nail polishes in cotton wool to soak up any spillages

The scent of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen gets me in the holiday mood. That, and drinking from a real coconut while lying by the pool.


When I check into my hotel, the first thing I do is pick up the visitors’ book. I’ll read it from cover to cover to learn about the history of the hotel, the facilities… and the bar menu, of course!


I paint my nails blue and keep them short for a more casual look. I love my An Even Bigger Splash polish, which was inspired by David Hockney’s painting of a Californian swimming pool. It’s like a holiday in a bottle. I also just adore my lilac shade Mating Surfaces, which reminds me of a colourful beach hut.


A shimmery eyeliner is my secret weapon for cocktail hour. It’s perfect for when you can’t be bothered with a full face after a day at the beach, as it looks like you’ve made an effort when you haven’t!


‘Holidaying with five kids isn’t as tricky as it sounds’

Skincare guru Liz Earle on what she packs for a family holiday

I’m in charge of the packing! Otherwise my younger kids [Liz’s five children range from five to 25 years old] would end up wearing the same football strip or Minions T-shirt every day of our holiday in Norfolk.


In my family first-aid kit you’ll find… A roll of fabric plaster for cuts, bumps, grazes and blisters; antiseptic wipes; and ginger tablets for the long car journey.


My beauty routine gets longer when I’m by the sea. I use a body scrub every day to remove all traces of suncream and help keep my skin smooth. I also apply leave-in conditioner to help prevent my colour-treated hair turning green in the pool, and I keep wind-beaten lips happy with my Liz Earle Superbalm.


A small bottle of lavender essential oil* is a great multi-tasking product that saves on space. You can add a few drops to your bath water for a relaxing soak, or sprinkle it on your pillow to help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

Lavender essential oil is a handy multi-tasker that saves space

My worst packing disaster was when I forgot my cleanser! So I arranged for it to be sent special delivery to the US – I just couldn’t be without it! Now, I always pack a couple of bottles in different places, just in case.


There’s nothing quite like a blustery beach in the UK. I love Brancaster in Norfolk. I find that a bracing coastal walk is good for the body and soul.


On long car journeys, my family play a game called ‘Dog’. The rules are simple: everyone has to shout ‘dog!’ whenever they see one. The first person to yell gets a point – but, if you call out and it’s not a dog (last year I shouted at a baby goat!), then you lose all your points. It can get very competitive and keeps all ages entertained.


‘I’ve become a total pro at packing under pressure’

Model Daisy Pettinger shows us what’s in her carry-on luggage

When I’m packing, I lay out all my clothes and then cull a third of them. I’m ruthless, but I do have a bikini obsession – I can take about 20 on a week’s holiday! Luckily, they don’t weigh very much…


I have an easy tip to beat the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggage: I pick up bulky things such as body moisturiser and suncream at the airport, after security.


Wearing make-up on the plane is a cardinal sin for a model. As soon as we take off, I remove mine with cotton wool and Bioderma micellar water – you don’t need to wash it off and it’s not sticky, so it’s perfect for travelling. I then dab Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my lips and cuticles – there’s nothing as drying as air-conditioning.


I always have rehydration sachets in my first-aid kit. I can get dehydrated when I’m travelling – especially in hot countries. Plus they’re handy if I’m unlucky enough to pick up a tummy bug.

I lay out all my clothes and then cull by a third – I’m ruthless

I’ve got my ‘off-the-plane-face’ down to a fine art. I’ll often meet a photographer or a client as soon as I land, so I use a light tinted moisturiser, concealer under my eyes, and always do my brows. I finish with a stain on my cheeks to perk up a jet-lagged face.


If I’m going to a shoot in the sun, SPF50 is essential. I have to keep my skin looking its best – strap lines and sunburn are big no-nos. My suncream needs to be mattifying, too, so my skin doesn’t look oily in photos.


Wherever I am, a portable battery charger is a must. I’m on social media 24/7 with my job, so it’s vital that I have access to Instagram and Twitter. I also own loads of travel adaptors; I must have one for every country!

July Suitcase confidential

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*Do not use if you have asthma.

Words Charlotte Grant-West Photography Alamy, Getty Images, Matthew Walder, Patrick Drummond, Pixeleyes

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