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Bring on the beach!

Holiday fast approaching? Looking and feeling fab is easier than you think – just step this way…

Bikini-proof your skin

Dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth reveals the best tricks to get you glowing


TIGHT, DRY SKIN  ‘You may be showering too often! If you’re washing more due to the heat, keep the water temperature cool, and moisturise well afterwards.’
Try: E45 Intense Recovery Fast Acting 24H Spray Moisturiser, £5.99/599 points (200ml)


CELLULITE  Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, but I always tell my clients to moisturise daily using creams and oils with a sheen – this will make skin glow and help distract the eye from any imperfections.’
Try: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil, £29/2,900 points (100ml)


BUMPY, ROUGH PATCHES  ‘The backs of arms often suffer with keratosis pilaris (bumpy patches). Smooth them by buffing with a gentle exfoliator every other day.’
Try: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Exfoliating Body Cleanser, £30/3,000 points (200ml)


‘Back-ne’, ‘chest-ne’… whatever you like to call it, summer skin often suffers from pimples. ‘When it’s warmer, we tend to overload with extra skincare layers, such as suncreams and fake tans,’ says Dr Wedgeworth. ‘These can block the pores in your skin and cause breakouts.’ Here are some quick tricks to help limit the damage:


DEEP CLEAN Try an anti-blemish body cleanser, such as Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar For Face And Body, £16/1,600 points (150g), which helps to remove dead skin while absorbing blemish-causing bacteria.


HIT THE SPOT Benefit Boo Boo Zap!, £14.50/1,450 points (7.4ml), contains salicylic acid, which helps to dry out blemishes and reduces the appearance of redness.


WIPE AWAY SWEAT Oily skin is a breeding ground for blemishes. If you’re going from beach to bar, freshen up with an exfoliating wipe to help remove dirt and moisture before it dries and clogs your pores. Try Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes, £3.49/349 points (25 wipes).

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Anti-age from the inside

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    Consider taking two teaspoons of Fountain The Hyaluronic Molecule, £27.99/2,799 points (240ml), every day for three weeks before you go away. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that helps to make skin plump, soft and supple, but our levels decline with age, so skin tends to get drier, saggier and more wrinkly (sob). It’s worth a try to up your body game!

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Brush and glow

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    ‘Use a body brush on dry skin in slow, circular motions, working up from your ankles and towards your heart with each stroke.’ Nathalie Eleni, Braun beauty expert

    Try: Botanics Long Handled Body Brush, £10/1,000 points

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Say no to streaks


Your easy pre-holiday tan timetable

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    START GRADUALLY  ‘Begin your tan preparation well in advance,’ advises Sandra Vaughan, Fake Bake’s global consultant, ‘and apply a gradual tan every day for a fortnight before your holiday, in place of your usual moisturiser.’ Consider He-Shi Body Sculpting Gradual Tan Boots Exclusive  £22.50/2,250 points (150ml).

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    4 DAYS TO GO

    DOUBLE BUFF  ‘Apply an exfoliator to dry skin, then wash with an exfoliating mitt for a more thorough scrub,’ says Sandra. ‘Pat dry and apply moisturiser.’ Try Boots Exfoliating Gloves, £2.69/269 points (1 pair), and Sanctuary Spa 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil Boots Exclusive  £7/700 points (250ml).

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    3 DAYS TO GO

    HAIR WE GO  ‘Open pores equal stinging skin, so always wax or shave at least 24 hours before tanning to make sure they’re closed in time,’ advises Sandra.

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    2 DAYS TO GO

    TAN TIME  ‘Exfoliate in the shower before applying fake tan – oil-free skin makes for a more even colour,’ says Sandra. ‘But still use a dab of moisturiser on drier areas, such as the soles of feet, elbows and knees, before tanning, to help prevent them going orange.’

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    THE HIGHLIGHTS  ‘Dot a shimmery bronzer on the muscle contours of your legs – the centre of thighs, down shins and around calf muscles – to make pins look longer,’ says Sandra. We like Ambre Solaire Wash Off Shimmer Instant Bronzer, £6.99/699 points (150ml). And don’t forget the suncream!

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Parissa waxing expert Alley Laundry tells us how…

  1. GET READY ‘Make sure hairs are the right length: ½cm is ideal, so if they’re too long, trim them with beauty scissors. Then remove your clothes (sticky wax isn’t easy to wash out) and dust talcum powder over the area, to help stop the wax sticking to your skin.’
  2. GET COMFY ‘Sit on a stool or the edge of the bath, positioning your bottom as far forward as possible. Part your legs, then bend one leg slightly at the knee while keeping the other one straight, so that you’ll catch all the hairs along the inner groin area.’
  3. GET WAXING ‘If you’re using strip wax, press it down in the direction of the hair growth, then pull skin taut, take a deep breath and quickly remove the strip – the faster you do it, the more hairs will come out!’

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Ouch control!

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    ‘Wax the bikini area in small patches, as this will make it less painful, and soothe with aloe vera gel.’ Alley Laundry, Parissa waxing expert

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3 of the best hair removers

Down-there de-fuzz Essentials

Trim Prep hair to get a good grip with Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Nail Scissors, £12.50/1,250 points.


Unstick Dust the area with Yardley London English Lavender Perfumed Talc, £7.25/725 points (200g).


Wax Parissa Quick & Easy Wax Strips Face & Bikini, £8.79/879 points (16 strips), are ideal for beginners.


Soothe Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, £6.50/650 points (453ml), will help to moisturise and calm the skin.

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July Beach body ready

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Beauty direction Donna Francis Hair & make-up Lisa Valencia at Carol Hayes Models Portia at MOT; Hannah at Next Models Still-life photography Pixeleyes With thanks to Beaches Ocho Rios Resort, Jamaica

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