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Take the cringe out of Christmas parties

With research showing that one in four of us suffers Christmas Party Regret Syndrome*, here’s how to celebrate and retain your self-esteem

DO avoid being a social media bore. No one wants to be the Instafanatic who’s too busy Instagramming her Bocreamian Rhapsody cocktail to mingle. Or the selfie-obsessed person who spends the evening pouting at their phone. It’s enough to make you start #Getalife trending on Twitter (irony intended).


DON’T wear glasses if you’re a dance-floor demon. Heard the one about the woman who was twerking so hard, her glasses flew off and hit her boss in the face? If you plan to throw serious shapes, opt for contact lenses instead (Boots Opticians offers a free five-day assessment and trial: go to


DO remember that getting legless could = jobless. Especially if you’re prone to falling asleep on the MD’s shoulder when you’ve had a few too many. You don’t need a lecture about booze, but remember: water down that free wine by making it a spritzer (or turn beer into shandy). Stick to one tipple an hour and glug water in between (with a squeeze of lime and a sprig of mint.) Then you can revel in being regret-free come morning.


DON’T turn up feeling hungry enough to eat your handbag. Or you’ll spend the night doing the ‘canapé triathlon’, hurdling over chairs/people while chasing trays of food. Psst… we’ll let you in on our sneaky stomach saviour – eat a Delicious Egg & Spinach Pot £1.20/ 120 points, before any soirée. It’ll help keep you full for ages, plus eggs are packed with vitamins but not calories – only around 70 for a large one. They’re not just for breakfast, y’know…


DO stop kidding yourself you’re not a ‘proper’ smoker if you only puff at parties. Sorry to, ahem, blow smoke on your theory, but even as few as five cigarettes a day can hugely increase your risk of illnesses, including heart disease. Plus, as smoking has declined to its lowest level in 40 years, you’ll be one of the only people with honking breath. Try this NHS-recommended strategy: a craving can last five minutes, so before you give in to it, have a dance, do some networking or go to the bar. And contemplate that the combination of smoking and drinking raises your risk of mouth cancer by a hefty 38 times. Enough said.

*You’d give up a free lifetime Netflix subscription if you could Only. Just. Forget.

Words Danielle Hine Photography Getty Images, Pixeleyes


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