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Hey, twinkle toes

Feet can take a pounding at this time of year. But click your heels, read our feature, and they’ll be happy again…

  1. 1

    Oh, heel no

    We love a skyscraper, but how high is too high? As a rough guide, an acceptable heel height is 2.5-5cm. At the top of this range you should still be able to lift your heel out of the shoe by another 2.5cm. If you can’t do this easily, they’re too high to handle – sorry!

  1. 2

    Shop, don’t flop

    Many of us walk up to five miles on a Christmas shopping trip, so make sure your feet last the distance by wearing ‘sensible’ shoes. Podiatrist Michael Harrison-Blount says, ‘Look for styles with arch support, as this ensures pressure is spread over more of the foot. Think trainers, not ballet pumps. Improper support doesn’t just lead to sore feet, but also more serious problems, such as back pain.’ Plus, the right shoes mean you’ll be able to walk (read: shop) faster. Bonus!

  1. 3

    Shoe o’clock

    The best time to shop for new shoes? The end of the day when, due to swelling, your feet are at their largest, so you’ll get a more accurate fit. What a perfect excuse for an after-work pick-me-up!

Look for shoes with arch support, as this ensures pressure is spread over more of the foot
  1. 4

    On the ball

    Stilettos, or any heels that are higher than 5cm, redistribute your body weight so that 90% is on the front of your feet. Ouch! Keep Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions, £4.99/499 points (1 pair), in your clutch bag all party season.

  1. 5

    Don’t do the twist

    The most common injury caused by wearing heels? No prizes for guessing it’s a sprained ankle. Good news: ankles can be strengthened. Stand on one foot, with both eyes open, and hold your arms out to the sides. When you can do this for a minute, try it with your eyes closed. And, of course, repeat on the other leg to even things up.

  1. 6

    Growing pains

    Did you know that the way you cut your toenails can put them at risk of ingrowing? Always trim straight across, don’t leave little bits of nail in the corner and avoid pointed shoes (another well-known cause).

  1. 7

    Roll with it

    Achy arches and no time for a spa massage? Try rolling your feet over a tennis ball to help ease tender spots. As an extra treat, rub them with the ridged surface of the Homecraft Balance Hedgehog only, £28.45/2,845 points.

Words Charlotte Grant-West Photography Rex Features/Shutterstock


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