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You glow, girl!

Actress Jessica Alba, 35, shares her simple summer beauty hacks

You need to leave the house in 10 minutes. What’s your plan of attack?
‘With my hair, it’s all about spray. I spritz on a sea-salt product and a leave-in conditioner, then let it dry naturally. To be honest, I leave home in a rush every day, so I’ve got my 10-minute face down, too: it’s just concealer, cream blush and mascara.’


Can you take us through your skincare routine?
‘I wear SPF every day, so I feel like my face needs a deep clean in the evening, especially during the summer when it’s been hot. I’m obsessed with my facial cleansing brush; I use it day and night.’


What’s your top beauty quick-fix?
‘Keep a stash of under-eye patches in the fridge. They feel amazingly refreshing on hot days and help to de-puff my eye bags.’


Have you had any summer beauty nightmares?
‘I’ve definitely rushed out of the house, then thought, “Oh no, I’ve forgotten to shave my legs!” Now, I epilate – I can nip back indoors and de-fuzz in just five minutes.’


Do you have a beauty-boosting secret?
‘I have to admit, I find exercise boring, but I feel great afterwards –and my skin glows. I motivate myself with some pumping tunes, or I’ll make a date to work out with a friend; you can’t bail on them, so it gets your butt to the gym!’


It’s date night… do you go for eyes or lips?
‘I’m into wearing brighter shades on my eyes at the moment: I like to go for greens or blues in summer. I’m not very good at powder eyeshadows, though, as they can get a bit messy, so I use eyeshadow crayons to give me more control.’   


What do you do to look after your skin when travelling?
‘I love a DIY in-flight facial with a Korean sheet mask. They look a bit scary, but they really help keep your face hydrated in transit.’


How ‘Hollywood’ are you about your appearance?
‘Not very! I’m practical, so products need to multitask to earn a place in my bathroom cabinet. Generally, I’m pretty relaxed. So what if my hair is frizzy sometimes? It’s not that big a deal!’


Jessica is Braun’s global beauty ambassador.

Interview Charlotte Grant-West Photography Getty Images, Pixeleyes

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